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Teacher Employment Services (Collective Bargaining) Presentations/Issues

Booking a Teacher Employment Services Workshop, Seminar or Presentation

Salary and Benefits

Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP)

This session offers a review of the various insurance benefit plans available through the ASEBP including extended health care, life insurance, extended disability, dental care and vision care. In addition to covering the philosophy underlying a benefit plan operated jointly by school employers and employees, the presentation explains how the various benefit plans function, what options are available and how to appeal a claim that has been denied. (This session is presented by both Teacher Employment Services and ASEBP).

Climbing the Grid—How Do Teachers Earn Education and Experience Credit

This presentation reviews the language of the current collective agreement with regard to teacher education and experience. It delves into some examples of the different types of experience (for example, overseas experience) and provides teachers with the appropriate steps to take in order to provide the proof to their school division to move up the grid.

Employment Insurance (EI) for Teachers

This presentation reviews changes to EI including the implementation of basing benefits on the number of hours rather than the number of days worked per week. It also explores the EI benefits available to substitute teachers, pregnant teachers and teachers without continuing contracts and explains the kind of assistance that the Association offers to teachers experiencing difficulty accessing EI benefits.

Health and Wellness Spending Accounts (HSAs/WSAs)

This session provides an introduction to HSAs and WSAs; what are they; how they work and how to get the most out of them.

Financial Wellness

This presentation assists teachers in learning how to read their pay statements. It helps teachers determine where they are on the pay grid and how to calculate a pay cheque. It further reviews deductions such as pension, CPP, EI, income tax, benefits and dues.

Maternity Leave Entitlements

This presentation offers an examination of how maternity leave entitlements affect salary and benefits. It provides a review of the Employment Standards Code, a brief analysis of the bargaining unit’s collective agreement provisions such as sick leave and supplementary unemployment benefits (SUB) plans and an overview of Employment Insurance.

Teacher Safety Net—Your Entitlements, Your Protection

Over many years the Association has constructed a safety net for teachers and their families. This presentation provides an overview of what teachers have in regard to sick leave and other leaves through the collective agreement, extended disability, life insurance, other benefit plan provisions, as well as pension and death benefits. This is a light-hearted presentation that is intended to be presented to local teachers in order to provide very relevant and necessary information on existing entitlements.  

When Being Absent is Necessary

This session reviews leave provisions in the collective agreement and how to access these provisions. It also provides information about who to contact for questions and advice and encourages attendees to contribute suggestions for improvements to leaves to their Teacher Welfare Committees (TWCs).

Retirement and Pension Issues

Pre-Retirement Workshop

Together, teachers and their pension partner will explore planning for retirement, the changing character of retirement and the process of making important decisions. Teachers will learn about financial and lifestyle planning before, during and after retirement from a teacher’s perspective. They will investigate various aspects of retiring, including building a financial plan, the Alberta Teachers’ Pension Plan, wills and estates, benefits and lifestyle planning for a successful and rewarding retirement.

All Regions – Via Zoom (Saturday) 

2023 03 04 – Register here.

Understanding Your Pension—Pension Education for Early Service Teachers (On-Line Workshop ONLY)

This evening retirement information sessions may be offered twice during the school year. During these sessions, general information will be presented on the Alberta teachers’ pension plan, planning personal saving, Federal benefits and other retirement income sources for early service teachers. The focus will be on the value for forward planning early in a teacher’s career. Debt reduction and savings planning will be emphasized. Pension partners are also encouraged to attend. 

There are no further sessions planned for the 2022/23 school year. Stay tuned for dates available in the 2023/24 school year.

Retirement Planning for Women (On-Line Workshop ONLY)

This session will focus on retirement planning specifically for female teachers. Women and men face different challenges in their lives and those challenges can have financial consequences. Women live longer, which means they will likely spend more years alone; therefore, they will need more retirement savings so they don’t outlive their money. Teachers will have the opportunity to engage in an interactive workshop which aims to improve women’s financial literacy and confidence.

All Regions – Via Zoom – Information on how to register will be made available here approximately on month prior to the event

Wednesday, 2023 03 08 – Register here.

Personal and Family Financial Wellness+ with Capital Planning and MNP Debt

Save your money, invest your money, budget your money! How do I do all that!?

Financial Wellness+ is all about investing for your future; learning how to save, and managing debt and your budget. Join us for this 2-hour session; it’s a deep dive into financial wellness and your future!

2023 05 03 – 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Register here.

Financial Wellness Q&As with Capital Planning

What’s an RRSP? How much do I need to save for retirement? I need mortgage insurance? How do I read my investment statement? What are investment fees?

If you’re asking questions like these, join us for one of two Financial Wellness Q&As! We’ll be patiently answering all the questions, giving comprehensive examples, and helping you feel comfortable with your financial wellness. Send any other questions in the registration link below.

2023 03 16 – 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm
Register here.

Collective Bargaining

School‑Based Administrators and the Collective Agreement

This session is an overview of how problems arise when in‑school administrators become involved in interpreting and applying the collective agreement. In addition to defining appropriate parameters for in‑school administrators, it also looks at ways of involving them in the bargaining process and examines sample clauses that address the concerns of administrators.

The Bargaining Process—A New Playing Field

This session will review relevant sections of the Labour Relations Code and the changes to collective bargaining as governed by the Public Education Collective Bargaining Act (PECBA). Participants will be introduced to new processes, such as list bargaining and central table bargaining, as well as reviewing how the new process impacts the traditional work of local bargaining. This session will help teachers stay informed about bargaining and express their opinions on bargaining goals and actions.

General Issues

Economic Issues for Substitute Teachers

This presentation explains the dollars and cents of substitute teaching and answers questions such as: when do substitute teachers get paid on the salary grid? How and when to apply for EI? Are there improvements to collective agreements that would be helpful?

Workplace Health and Safety

This session provides an overview of workplace safety legislation and explores some of the issues that arise for teachers. The session explores steps that teachers should follow when working in unsafe conditions or if they suffer from an illness occurring because of the workplace.