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Contracts of Employment

Teachers who are dissatisfied with a proposed transfer or who have been threatened with the suspension of their teaching duties or the termination of an administrative designation or contract of employment have certain contractual rights under the Education Act. A summary of teachers' contractual rights and obligations can be found in the monograph Teachers' Rights, Responsibilities and Legal Liabilities. To ensure that these rights have not been violated, teachers facing any of these situations should discuss their situation immediately with a staff officer in Teacher Employment Services before agreeing to any course of action.

Teacher Employment Services staff will also provide advice to teachers concerned about an unfavorable review of their teaching practice. Staff are prepared to provide advice whether the evaluation in question was carried out by a school board in accordance with its own policies and procedures or whether it involved a complaint about the teacher submitted to the Association under the Practice Review bylaw.

Caution! Because of concerns about the confidentiality of information sent by e-mail, the ATA encourages members having personal problems related to their employment to contact staff in writing, by phone or in person rather than by e-mail.