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The events calendar lists events sponsored by the Alberta Teachers' Association and its subgroups. The Association plans and approves its annual calendar each June; members only can access the calendar by clicking here.

Other professional development opportunities for teachers.
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February 2023
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Local Presidents Meeting
February 10 - 11, 2023 Add Event to your Calendar
Barnett House, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Sponsor(s): The Provincial ATA
Contact:  Robert Mazzotta (Associate Executive Secretary), 780-447-9445 (phone), robert.mazzotta@ata.ab.ca OR Marianne Moffatt (Program Assistant), 780-447-9427 (phone), 780-455-6481 (fax), marianne.moffatt@ata.ab.ca

Provincial Executive Council
February 27 - 28, 2023 Add Event to your Calendar
Barnett House, Alberta, Canada
The Provincial Executive Council PEC is a 20-person committee that creates and sets ATA policies and practices. It also creates standing and ad hoc committees to advise and assist it on various education-related matters. PEC includes the elected representatives of Alberta teachers plus the Associations executive secretary. Of the 20 members, 15 are district representatives from 11 geographic districts. The other five are the president, two vice-presidents, the past president and the executive secretary. Collectively, these five are referred to as the table officers. Members of each geographic district elect their district representatives for two-year terms. All ATA members in Alberta elect the president and vice-presidents for two-year terms. PEC meets at least eight times each year.
Sponsor(s): The Provincial ATA
Contact:  Shelley Svidal (Assistant to Executive Secretary), 780-447-9445 (phone), shelley.svidal@ata.ab.ca OR Robert Mazzotta (Associate Executive Secretary), Robert.Mazzotta@ata.ab.ca