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In Alberta, all teaching certificates are granted by the Department of Education in accordance with the Certification of Teachers and Teacher Leaders Regulation. Certificates are divided into two categories: interim and permanent.

Interim Certificate

The Registrar may issue an Alberta interim professional certificate to an applicant who

  • holds a Bachelor of Education degree from a faculty of education of a university in Alberta,
  • holds an acceptable degree, other than a degree in education, from a university in Alberta or from an approved institution and completes an approved professional teacher education program in a faculty of education of a university in Alberta or at any other approved institution, or
  • holds an acceptable degree in education from an approved institution outside Alberta and completes any additional work that may be required by the Registrar.

An interim professional certificate generally expires on August 31 of the third year following the year in which it was issued. The Registrar may subsequently grant extensions of an interim professional certificate for up to a three year period.

Permanent Certificate

The Registrar may issue an Alberta permanent professional certificate to an applicant who

  • holds an interim professional certificate,
  • has completed the equivalent of two years of teaching experience in a setting where the courses, education programs and instructional materials used are prescribed, authorized or approved by the Minister of Education in accordance with the School Act, and
  • receives a written recommendation from his or her superintendent.

A permanent certificate remains in effect unless withdrawn by the Minister of Education. Teachers may apply for permanent certification through their recommending superintendent.

Restrictions on Eligibility

Permanent certification may be denied to applicants who are not Canadian citizens, who are not proficient in French or English, or who have been convicted of indictable offences. Applicants who have been denied certification may appeal the decision to the Certification Appeal Committee.

Applying for a Teacher's Certificate

Individuals intending to apply for interim or permanent certification may do so in any of three ways:

  1. Use the online application process available on Alberta Education's website.
  2. Write to the Department of Education at the following address:
    Teaching Excellence and Leadership
    Alberta Education
    2nd floor, 44 Capital Boulevard
    10044 108 Street NW
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    T5J 5E6
  3. Phone the Professional Standards Branch using the Government Rite-Line at 310-0000. Enter 780-427-2045 at the prompt.

Teaching Excellence and Leadership may also be contacted by email at teacher.certification@gov.ab.ca

Teacher Certification Fee Structure

The fees for teacher certification services in Alberta are as follows:

  • Interim (Alberta graduates): $200
  • Interim (graduates from elsewhere in North America): $225
  • Interim (foreign graduates): $250
  • Permanent: $50
  • Reissue or extension of certificate: $25
  • Statement of standing: $25

For additional information, see Teaching Opportunities in Alberta.