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Candidate Registration & Nomination Forms

Nomination Process and Forms

This election year, Nomination Deadline is January, 18, 2023. Nominations will be officially announced the following day once they are confirmed with candidates by the Returning Officer. Candidates in contested races are required to attend the candidates’ meeting on January 21.

The 5 Steps to Nomination

  1. Register as a candidate.
  2. Get the support of 25 nominators.
  3. Complete the nomination acceptance form.
  4. Submit the requirements in the Candidates’ Responsibilities & Deadlines on or before the Nomination Deadline.
  5. Submit your completed nomination forms by the Nomination Deadline.

Register as a candidate

Candidates must register to run in PEC elections. Candidates may register at any time between now and the nomination deadline on January 18, 2023. Complete and submit the Candidate Registration form to the Returning Officer to receive direct communications related to the election and confirm eligibility for the financial and promotional assistance offered by Association.

You will receive email confirmation your form has been received from the Administration Officer.

Get the Support of 25 nominators

As per the Candidates’ Handbook, each candidate requires the support of 25 active or associate ATA members to secure their nomination. Nominators of candidates must be active or associate members of the Association and eligible to vote in the geographic district in which the candidate is running.

Candidates in the 2023 PEC Election will have two options for securing their nomination – the traditional method of collecting a hard copy list of nominators, or having an online form posted for individual nominators to complete and submit.

Whichever option candidates choose, they are encouraged to recruit a few more than the required number of nominators to ensure at least 25 of them meet the eligibility requirements.

List of Nominators Form

Candidates should make sure all fields on this form are completed in a legible manner by their nominators to minimize issues with the validation of their nomination.

Online Nomination Form

A registered candidate can request the Association post an online nomination form allowing them to gather nomination support from individual active and association ATA members. For security reasons, this online nomination form will be accessible only by those with an online ATA account.

The Elections Administration Officer will provide the candidate with a link to their personalized online nomination form. It is the responsibility of the candidate to share the link and acquire their 25 nominators.

Forms are submitted directly to elections@ata.ab.ca and received by the Elections Administrator. Nomination forms will be validated by the Elections Administrator as they are come in and then forwarded to the candidate.

It is the responsibility of each candidate to ensure they have their 25 nominators before the end of Nomination Day. 

Complete the Nomination Acceptance Form

Once a candidate has 25 nominators, they need to download, complete and submit the nomination acceptance form to elections@ata.ab.ca Signatures of the candidate and witness must be on the form when it is submitted.

Submit requirements from the Candidates’ Responsibilities and Deadlines

Once candidates are confirmed to be running in an active race, they are required to submit a headshot photo and a biography/platform for promotional purposes. Specifications for the two items are detailed in the Assistance to Candidates section of the Candidates’ Handbook.

Submit your completed nomination forms by the Nomination Deadline

Nomination forms must be submitted to the Administrative Officer by the nomination deadline of January 18, 2023.

Submissions may be delivered in person or emailed. The Association requires the original hard copies of emailed submissions no later than two weeks after the Nomination Deadline.

Download Nomination Forms


Candidate Registration form (online form)

List of Nominators 

Individual nomination form (by request)

Nomination acceptance form 


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