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Staff Relations Service

A revised Staff Relations Services program is available

Teacher Employment Services (TES) has been offering a program for the past number of years called Staff Relations Services (SRS). The program was initially designed to work with either the majority of or an entire school staff in conflict, and was a joint venture between the Alberta Teachers’ Association and the College of Alberta School Superintendents. Over time, TES had been receiving fewer and fewer requests for the program due to it not being utilized.

In reviewing the previous program, it was discovered that school conflicts were usually confined to a smaller group within the staff. The new SRS program will continue to work with up to six staff members in conflict using a certified mediator to facilitate the process at the school.

To initiate an SRS, a school rep or principal contacts the TES coordinator (1-800-232-7208 or 780-447-9400) to discuss the program. The coordinator will review the program with potential SRS participants. Participation will be on a voluntary basis. Upon completion of the SRS, feedback will be provided by the mediator to the coordinator indicating whether the mediation was successful or not.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Teacher Employment Services at tes@ata.ab.ca.