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Grants Supporting Diversity, Equity & Human Rights

Purpose of the Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Grant Program

The purpose of the grant program is to sponsor innovative projects by teachers at Alberta public, separate and Francophone schools and ATA locals which promote inclusive learning communities and promote the following principles of diversity, equity and human rights.

  • Diversity implies acceptance of and respect for all people.
  • Equity is the fair treatment of all people and equitable opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential. Equity also means a commitment to social justice and recognition of how relations of power in institutions and society oppress and marginalize particular groups or individuals.
  • Human rights are the equal and inalienable rights and responsibilitiesof all persons to live in a free, just and peaceful society without regard to ethnicity, religious beliefs, colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical characteristics, ability, age, marital status, family status, ancestry, place of origin, place of residence, social class, or socioeconomic or linguistic background.

Criteria for Grant Projects

1. Projects must focus on education or communication and should advance knowledge, develop skills and foster inclusive behaviour among students, teachers and the community. Some suggestions for project themes include:

  • Antiracism education
  • First Nations, Métis and Inuit education
  • Gender equity
  • Intercultural education
  • Peace and global education
  • Poverty issues
  • Sexual orientation, gender identity, physical characteristics, mental ability, ancestry
  • Violence prevention

2. Projects must reflect the principles of diversity, equity and human rights listed above.

3. Projects must be sustainable; which is to say that they should be designed to have a lasting impact on students, teachers, and the community.

4. Project proposals that will not be considered include

  • one-time events that are not linked to a broader school or local action plan;
  • materials or services ordinarily purchased with school or local funds (salaries, substitute costs, textbooks, capital equipment and technology);
  • projects that support fundraising events;
  • funding for individual teacher professional development; and,
  • funding for locally developed courses.

Please note: Depending on the number of applications received each year, diversity libraries are unlikely to be funded as books are considered resources normally purchased by schools.

Application Guidelines

Projects will be approved for funding by the Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Committee based on how well they meet the purpose and criteria outlined above.

  1. Grant applications must include a description of the project, goal(s), evaluation procedures, timeline and budget. Include any others sources of funding. The project must occur during the upcoming school year.
  2. One-half of the grant is will be paid in the spring or fall following the approval of the grant application.
  3. An accounting and evaluation report is required on completion of the project, after which the balance of the grant will be paid. Criteria for the final report will be shared with successful applicants. Final reports are due by May 31 each year.
  4. Only one application will be considered each year. In addition to applications submitted by schools in a local’s corresponding school division, each local may submit one application per year for a project organized by the local or its committees.

How to Apply

There are two ways to complete and submit your application:
Complete the online application form (ce formulaire est également disponible en français). You must be logged into ATA Online Services in order to access the form. Select the Login option in the upper right-hand corner of this screen to login. If the button indicates Logout, you are already logged in.

  1. Download the DEHR Grant brochure and complete the application included on the final pages. Submit your completed application by email DEHR@ata.ab.ca or by mail: DEHR Grants c/o Professional Development, Alberta Teachers’ Association, 11010 142 Street NW, Edmonton AB T5N 2R1.

Applications must be received by 5:00 pm on April 30th. Late applications will not be accepted.

Looking for Ideas?

A list of past Diversity, Equity and Human Rights grant recipients can be found HERE

For help with your application or for more information, please contact Professional Development staff at DEHR@ata.ab.ca or 1-800-232-7208.