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Political Engagement for Teachers

There’s a lot going on in Alberta right now, and it’s important, perhaps now more than ever, that the voices of teachers are included in the important political conversations taking place.

While the ATA is non-partisan, that does not mean we are apolitical. The ATA does not align with any parties or candidates for office, but we do encourage the active participation of teachers, as citizens, in the political process. This includes encouraging teachers to participate in the party of their choice.

We’ll help you get started. Here are 3 practical ideas for how to become politically engaged:

1. Join a Political Party

If you want to do more to influence the political process than cast a ballot every four years, you might want to consider joining a political party. Party membership can prove a rewarding experience. Not only will you be able to participate in nomination meetings and leadership campaigns, but you will also have the opportunity to shape policy, work alongside those who share your beliefs and values, and help your party succeed. Read more here. 

2. Participate in a Constituency Association

Every major Alberta party has a constituency association in each of Alberta’s 87 constituencies. It is here that the party takes the pulse of the community, recruits new members, selects candidates, organizes the constituency campaign during an election and keeps the party accountable to the people it represents. Learn more here.

3. Make a Political Contribution

If you don’t have the time or inclination to participate actively in the provincial political process, you might want to consider making a monetary contribution to the registered political party, constituency association or candidate of your choice. Your contribution will serve as a tangible expression of support, and you will recoup a big chunk of that contribution when you file your income taxes. Read more here. 

Alberta’s Political Parties

There are currently four main political parties in Alberta. By choosing to support a particular party, you’ll be working towards either affecting change within the current government, making a better connection with your local MLA, or striving to get a new party elected.

Find out how to buy a membership, volunteer or donate by following the links below.

Alberta Party

Alberta Liberal Party

Alberta’s New Democrat Party

United Conservative Party


Contact Jonathan Teghtmeyer, Alberta Teachers’ Association, 780-447-9477 (in Edmonton) or 1 800-232-7208 (from elsewhere in Alberta), jonathan.teghtmeyer@ata.ab.ca.