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Professional Growth, Supervision and Evaluation

The Association believes that the quality of instruction in schools can be improved be ensuring that teachers are evaluated according to the principles set out in the Association's policy on professional growth, supervision and evaluation.

Services to Individual Members

Any teacher who has concerns about his or her evaluation as a teacher should begin by raising those concerns with the evaluator directly. If such an exchange does not resolve the issue, the teacher should contact the Association for advice.

The Association also provides advice to principals who are uncertain about how to deal with teachers whose teaching practice has raised concerns. Principals should contact a Teacher Employment Services staff officer for advice.

Information regarding the process for conducting an evaluation can be found here.

Services to Schools and Local Associations

The Association helps schools and locals to analyze and revise their teacher evaluation policies. To facilitate this process, the Association has developed model evaluation policies. In addition, the Association reviews the literature on teacher evaluation on an ongoing basis. Questions about teacher evaluation policy, practice and research should be directed to Elissa Corsi at tes@teachers.ab.ca.