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ATA Logo Materials

 Code Item Price
GEN-12 Lapel Pin 
25th anniversary, gold-filled, brooch clasp
GEN-10 Lapel Pin
Features the ATA logo, 10 carat gold, brooch clasp
GEN-13 Lapel Pin
Features the ATA logo, blue and gold, butterfly clasp
ILT-PINS Lapel Pin
Inscribed with "I Love Teaching," red and green, butterfly clasp
GEN-16 Pen
10 carat gold Cross pen, featuring the ATA logo
PE-46-65 Presentation Folder (wide or narrow spine)
ATA logo and Public Education Works logo on white background, 9" by 12"
OP-DP-19 Certificate/Photo Holder
Navy textured folder with gold ATA logo imprint. Can accommodate 8" by 10" or 8.5" by 11" certificates or photos.


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ATA 100th Anniversary Materials

 Item Price
100th Anniversary Coffee Tumbler $20
100th Anniversary Water Bottle NEW
  100th Anniversary Decal NEW


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Public Education Logo Materials

 Item Price
Highlighter pen with flag stickers $2.50
Lapel pin on presentation card $1.00
Retractable key card clip/holder  $5.00 
Shopping cart coin set  $3.50 


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The Future Logo Materials

 Item Price
Luggage Tag (chrome accent)

iPhone/iPad cleaning cloth  $1.25 
Travel mug (vacuumed sealed)             $18.00 
Pen (rollerball, blue)  $1.25 
Pencil (mechanical, black)  $1.00 
Optical mini mouse (now in stock)
Messenger-style bag $10.00
Full-colour cards with envelopes (pkg of 12) $5.00
Ceramic coffee mug   
Bluetooth speaker              $35.00
Smart wallet  
Flash drive 4GB   
Premium ballpoint pen in velveteen sleeve   


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